The Africa Digital Media Foundation, under the Inclusion plank, recognizes that the dignity and livelihoods of creatives starts with skills. We work to ensure that creatives across the spectrum have access to high-spec, world-class training in digital media. Through the Institute, we deploy a progressive curriculum that is global, practical, digital, value-based and transformational. We supplement this with intensive apprenticeships and incubators to ensure that we graduate students that are self-sustaining right from convocation. But high-quality education can be expensive, so we offer targeted scholarships for low-income, female, disabled and other marginalized students.

Previous Projects

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Scholarships were given to women to attend the Digital Marketing Boot Camp in July 2015.

Acting Principles Workshop

The acting community benefited from heavily subsidized pricing at the Fearless Acting Techniques Workshop in August 2015.

Slum Film Festival

The Slum Film Festival now in its 5th year is an innovative, community changing film platform that celebrates filmmakers from slums all over the world. It also provides film making workshops for young filmmakers from the slums of Kibera and Mathare.

ADMF has supported the festival since its inception by providing subsidized technical training of students in the area of film production including scripting, camera, sound, lighting and editing. Students spend time at the ADMI campus, under the tutelage of ADMI instructors with full access to the equipment they need to complete their training.

Technical support to SFF since inception. SFF has trained 53 participants in the last 5 years and more than 25,000 people have attended SFF activities and screenings. ADMF sponsored the 2015 SFF Best Short Film Award that was won by Yokes.

The Foundation provided the curriculum, faculty, equipment, premises and project management for a filmmaking certificate course for Slum Film Festival participants.

FilmAid Training

In partnership with FilmAid, ADMF delivered a 7-week Film Production Certificate in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps in Northern Kenya. FilmAid is committed to a participatory approach, teaching skills and involving local communities in the media making process. Over 14, 000 people attended the 2013 FilmAid Festival in Kakuma Refugee Camp.





Wezesha Dada

Wezesha Dada, through their “Wezesha Dada Inua Jamii” campaign, is mobilizing a petition for regional media to dedicate at least five more minutes every week on stories about women’s role in development.

Startup Grind 

 Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Startup Grind hosts events with leading entrepreneurs to share their journey, lessons and experiences. Startup Grind Nairobi hosted Juliani, A Kenyan musician, at Dandora Hip Hop City. Dandora Hip Hop City is a community center serving residents in Dandora estate and its environs.


JAM mentors female bands by developing their confidence as musicians and performers; providing safe locations for them to rehearse and perform; and providing them with performing opportunities to build their experience and profile.

Smiles for Miles 

Smiles for Miles is an organization in Kangangu, Murang’a that provides safe transport to women in labour who need emergency transport to the hospital. Because of Smiles for Miles, more women are able to deliver their babies safely resulting in fewer health complications and deaths in the community.

ADMI Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships were awarded to students at ADMI in the areas of film and television production and creative technologies.

ADMI Computer Lab

 Funding of a computer lab to ensure 1:1 computer to student ratio to ensure that students receive a hands-on, practical education.