What a Difference ADMF Makes

As a Foundation with a mission to get more young Africans involved and employed in the creative and technology industries producing content for profit and for impact, we are always keen on expressing the impact we have. However, we always want to do so in a way that anyone can understand, from a technical youth employment specialist to a potential student.

There are a lot of ways we measure our success, and the impact that we’re having on individuals, sections of the population, and — you better believe it — the world. Some of these ways are: the number of scholarships offered by ADMF; percentage of ADMI graduates securing employment after graduation; the number of businesses created by ADMI graduates; proof of a change in family members and the close community around ADMI students; media coverage of Africa creative technology work, and many more.

To give you a taste of what we view as success, we’ve picked out a few for you:

  1. We have directly impacted more than 3,000 young men and women who have come to ADMI with raw talent and potential, and who are now earning an income from their talents, through the tools and platform given to them by the Institute.
  2. We have provided fully paid scholarships to eight young men and women, including refugees, and youth from low-income backgrounds, to pursue the studies of their choice
  3. Of the young men and women that come through ADMI, 87% are employed within six months after graduating.
  4. 62% are already employed at the time of graduation.
  5. 71% of these young people secured their first job through ADMI’s networks. This is compared to the average Kenyan graduate who takes five years to secure employment.

We are always looking for ways to support youth better including adapting our methods and strategies to address the key challenges facing youth as they try to access jobs in the digital economy. Whether it is seeking innovative training models such as apprenticeships, or advocating for policy changes in the technical and vocational education training system, we seek to be at the cutting edge of new research and practices for the benefit of Africa’s young people.

Join us as we work to see millions of creative and technology professionals building a digital world for profit and impact.