The Agence Française du Développement awards ADMF grant to scale up the Animation and Video Game sectors in East Africa.

AFD has awarded ADMI an 800,000 Euro grant to establish the CreaTech Animation and Game Lab in partnership with RUBIKA, the top-ranked French school for Animation, Video Game, and Industrial Design. The Lab will establish two world-class programs: 1) Animation and 2) Video Game Design and Development, that will elevate the skills of East African youth to produce content on par with their international peers.

The global market for animated films and video games is vast and intercultural. In Kenya alone, the entertainment and media industry represented a turnover of 2.2 billion USD in 2015. Since then, the average growth rate is estimated to be 8.3%, mainly driven by the Internet and TV.

With Kenyan law requiring local content to represent 60% of the programming broadcast, the creation of original content will experience significant growth and create job opportunities for highly skilled professionals. These sectors have produced significant employment opportunities in France, the 3rd largest producer of animated movies. In France 5,000 people work in the animation sector, while 1,000 companies are working in the video game sector.

RUBIKA students and alumni have received many awards in short animation movies and video games. Thanks to this high recognition, 90% of the studentsget a job less than 6 months after being awarded their diploma.

The joint ADMI-RUBIKA animation training program, which started in February 2020, includes classes taught by RUBIKA faculty at ADMI as well as students, faculty and staff exchanges between France and Kenya.

ADMI’s first intake of animation and video game design students in February 2020. Copyright ADMI.