Equity Group Foundation joins forces with ADMI to provide essential skills training

Equity Group Foundation, the social arm of Equity Bank, sponsored 5 Wings to Fly students to attend ADMI in September 2019 to enable them to get marketable skills in graphic design and digital marketing.


The proliferation of eCommerce and online communication for business has made digital marketing and graphic design in-demand skills for freelancers. “It’s important to us that our students gain skills that they can use to market themselves, even as they are working on their degrees,” said Emily Gumba, Program Officer at Equity Group Foundation.


ADMI has partnered with Equity Group Foundation since 2016 to train Wings To Fly students in creative vocational skills. The Wings to Fly scholarship program, an initiative of the Equity Group and Mastercard Foundation, was established to support secondary education for top-performing children from financially challenged backgrounds. The program has so far supported 16,168 bright but economically challenged scholars.