Film skills in service of scientific research, with the French Institute for Research and Development

French Institute for Research and Development

The ADMI and Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique partner for post-production training

As part of ADMF’s commitment to providing inclusive access to education and training opportunities in the field of digital media, we entered into a training partnership with IFRA, the French Institute for Research and Development, and the French Embassy in Kenya.

The training, delivered by the Africa Digital Media Institute, focuses on practice-based video editing, focusing on producing scientific films. The training was conducted at the ADMI campus in Nairobi’s CBD, and the films that were produced through the training, all 10-15 minute scientific films, were screened at a special event at Nairobi’s Alliance Française.

We’re looking to doing more advanced training, and solidifying innovative partnerships with such prestigious institutions as IFRA and the French Embassy.