ADMF aims to provide educational and job opportunities for those in the creative and digital media space while also being a leader in formalizing the infrastructure of the industry. To achieve these bold visions, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you.


Through your advocacy, our efforts are recognized, making it that much easier to undertake collaborative projects with the people and organizations that share our vision.


Aid through sponsorships has created opportunities for young and brilliant minds  to further their dreams.


Through your collaborative support our plans to help Africa  creatives realize their full potentials


Guardianship and hand holding in time has offered direction to many young creatives, allowing them to make impactful choices that not only serve their future but also benefit the society from which they hail, creating a ripple effect of evolutionary change.


We are always looking for partners. From academic partners to production investors, we have a way for you to create an impact.


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