The Africa Digital Media Foundation recognizes that the dignity and livelihoods of creatives starts with skills. We work to ensure that creatives across the spectrum have access to high-spec, world-class training in digital media. Through the Institute, we deploy a progressive curriculum that is global, practical, digital, value-based and transformational. We supplement this with intensive apprenticeships and incubators to ensure that we graduate students that are self-sustaining right from convocation. But high-quality education can be expensive, so we offer targeted scholarships for low-income, female, disabled and other marginalized students.


The Africa Digital Media Foundation provides creatives, both artists and techies, with the business and soft skills they need to become investment ready. We do this through sector–specific accelerators and incubators imparting business acumen to creative entrepreneurs and linking them to investors. We also fund and facilitate select creative projects, ranging from film to music, and market curated content to the global market through our distribution platform, Vumi Central.


The Africa Digital Media Foundation, targets policy-makers for advocacy. We support creatives in networking and collaborating to identify priority policy issues. Additionally, through our flagship Creative Industries Report, we gather data on the activities and contribution of creatives. Finally, we engage policy makers to improve policies and practices to increase accessibility of skills and resources for creatives.