The world is suffering from a massive skills mismatch. An antiquated education system is failing to prepare the next generation for a new workplace and a new world. We’re on a mission to change that.

We believe the solution lies in targeted workforce development, targeting technical jobs in the creative technology field that lend themselves to remote work in distributed teams. Working with industry and government, we ensure that young people are properly trained and mentored to contribute to their communities from an early age.

Between 10 and 12 million African youth enter the workforce every year, yet only 3 million will qualify for and secure formal jobs.

Of the 420 million people in Africa aged between 18 and 35, one third is unemployed and discouraged, another third are under-employed and only one-third are formally employed. This population is expected to double to roughly double to 830 million by 2050.

We’ve been on a mission for 10 years to secure their future and with the help of generous supporters like you, we’re getting closer every day.


Millions of young African digital professionals and creative entrepreneurs and professionals creating content for profit and for impact.


To mobilize skills, finance, and policy changes to create jobs for youth in Africa’s digital economy.


Mukui Mbindyo

Partnerships Manager

Catherine Njeri

Partner Services Officer

Vanessa Dufe

Senior Associate - Partnerships